Trayvon Martin’s father Tracy Martin was on “The Kelly File” to weigh in on the shooting death of Michael Brown.

Martin said that based on eyewitness accounts and the autopsy results, it doesn’t seem as though Officer Darren Wilson acted in self-defense.

“Does it help to have people like Sharpton and others stoking the fire and making pronouncements before the process has played out?” Kelly asked.

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Martin said they are bringing needed attention to an issue that America is overlooking.

“You have to understand we’re living in a modern day segregation, and who’s gonna be the voice for the Brown family? Who’s gonna be the voice for the Trayvon Martin family?” he said.

Martin said that black Americans are “treated as second and third class citizens.”

"We have had enough in our communities," he said.

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He also discussed the death of his son, saying that he believes the state of Florida let a killer go free.

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