Sandra Smith and her Outnumbered co-hosts called out Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon (D), members of the media and others for rushing to judgment in the case of an unarmed black teenager shot to death by a Ferguson, Missouri police officer.

Last night, Nixon made waves by calling for a "vigorous prosecution" of officer Darren Wilson for the death of the 18-year-old. His statement came prior to a grand jury even hearing testimony on the complex case, in which there have been several different witness accounts of what took place.

Pete Hegseth said right now no one knows the key aspects of the encounter: did Brown have his hands up in an effort to surrender? Was there an altercation?

"We are innocent until proven guilty in this country and that has not been the case in Ferguson," said Sandra Smith, adding that Attorney General Eric Holder should emphasize that when he arrives.

Harris Faulkner said she is concerned that all of the protests and the rush to judgment may "cloud" witnesses' accounts of the event.

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