Pastor Robert White, of the Peace of Mind Church, is calling for unity and peace in Ferguson as protests continue over the shooting death of Michael Brown.

White spoke with Megyn Kelly tonight about Rev. Al Sharpton, saying that the community has appreciated the support from their national leader. White had criticized him earlier to “Kelly File” producers, saying he and Rev. Jesse Jackson were only in Ferguson for a photo op.

White said that he then sat down with Sharpton to discuss strategy and that they both are trying to eliminate people being arrested and killed as well as outside agitators coming into the community.

"Let me guess, those strategies include you not criticizing him anymore?" Kelly said.

White told Kelly that he believes the officer is guilty in Brown’s death.

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“He’s guilty of the unrest that has been caused by his actions because he was called to serve and protect and he didn’t give us our due justice, he didn’t give Mike Brown his due justice,” he said.

“How do you know?” Kelly pressed.

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