The Obama administration says it sent troops to Syria earlier this summer to rescue Americans held by ISIS, reportedly including slain journalist James Foley, but did not find the hostages.

A “Special Report” panel discussed this news released by the Obama administration on the attempted rescue mission. Charles Krauthammer called the statement “a political reaction to a horrific event.”

Krauthammer said that it could also be interpreted as a message to ISIS that we failed.

Officials: US Special Forces Tried to Rescue Syrian Hostages

According to Krauthammer, the response is not a rescue mission, it’s the continuation of airstrikes. He called it encouraging that the U.S. doubled airstrikes today.

Krauthammer also blasted Obama’s statements on James Foley’s murder as  “weak, ambiguous and vague.”

Watch part 1 of the panel above and part 2 below.

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