Volunteers are trying to pick up the pieces in Ferguson, cleaning up the streets every day following protests at night.

Two volunteers, Matthew Thurman and Kyle Borders, were on “The Real Story” today, where they told Gretchen Carlson that they have been volunteering to clean up Ferguson to show positivity and bond together.

Thurman said he and Borders went to high school in the area, and he said Ferguson is a relatively nice community.

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“It hurts to see what’s going on in essence with the street that a lot of us travel to and from every day from school to be turned into a war zone,” Thurman said, explaining that it’s not the image Ferguson wants to have in front of the world.

Borders said he hates to see that a young man has been shot.

“I don’t care about the race issue because it’s a guy that was being killed. I just think as a community everybody needs to bond together. Do it the right way and criminals that’s doing things at night need to be handled, and everybody come on one accord and pray to God about it and then God will take care of the whole situation. I just think certain things are being handled wrong on both ends. Police and some of the community,” he said.

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