Lt. Col. Ralph Peters was on “Hannity” tonight to weigh in on ISIS in the wake of claims that the group has beheaded American journalist James Foley.

“I am absolutely appalled by it but not surprised by it,” he said. Peters said that his sympathies go out to Foley’s family and the other two hostages who he does not believe will come back.

Peters said the U.S. cannot allow our policy “to be held hostage” by ISIS. He said the only response is to hit ISIS targets massively.

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“This is a fight to the death, and our president and the governing elite of this country – including too many Republicans – refuse to come to grips with the gravity, with the deep, powerful, profound nature of this threat that does menace Americans,” he said.

Peters warned that the U.S. is the terrorists’ long-range target, saying, “These people are just butchers.”

“We are in a death match,” he said.

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