Bob Beckel disagrees with Charles Krauthammer's assessment that President Obama is not doing enough to condemn the violence and rioting in Ferguson, Missouri. Obama spoke yesterday on the situation, sending Attorney General Eric Holder to Ferguson to personally oversee the federal investigation.

Beckel called out the media for failing to cover the peaceful protesters, instead focusing on the "10 percent" who have turned to violence and looting.

In a video aired by America's Newsroom (above), looters - including at least one with a gun - are seen breaking into a Ferguson liquor store. Beckel defended the president, saying he has spoken about the situation three times and has denounced violence against police.

Rich Lowry called for Obama to more strongly take the side of law enforcement against looting and rioting, while Beckel pushed back that the president shouldn't take any side right now.

"Do you know what happened that night? I have my own gut reaction. That the kid was shot, that was he killed, that he was murdered!" said Beckel.

Lowry and Martha MacCallum pushed back that even if that is true, it's still no excuse for destroying businesses and committing more violence.

"Put yourself in the position of those store owners. Imagine how frightened they feel. ... This is wrong. What Charles is saying is somebody needs to be a leader in this situation," MacCallum said.

Beckel said Krauthammer has never spent any time in neighborhoods like Ferguson and is not listening to what the president is saying.

Watch the fiery debate above.

Meantime, Mike Tobin reported from on the ground after the night of violence. 31 arrests were reported, along with two people wounded by gunfire.