Today, the "Outnumbered" panel debated if the militarized police response to violence and looting in Ferguson, Missouri, following the death of Michael Brown is appropriate.

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Many citizens have expressed concern about tanks, tear gas and police in riot gear being deployed on American streets, and President Obama said that the government program that gives military gear to police could be re-examined.

During the "Outnumbered" discussion, Kennedy stated that a police force that looks more like a military is not about peacekeeping, protecting or serving and is inherently at odds with citizens.

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Kimberly Guilfoyle, on the other hand, defended the police response in Ferguson and said that officers around the country have a right to the best, safest gear to do a very difficult job.

“The police have every right to be able to defend themselves and to protect themselves and to be able to leave their house in the morning knowing that they have the best equipment out there," she said.

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Guilfoyle offered a suggestion for those citizens who are concerned about an overly militarized police force: “Don’t go out and commit crimes.”

She said that if officers didn’t have protection such as bullet-proof vests and Kevlar helmets to respond to violent protesters, the situation could be even worse in Ferguson.

Watch the clip above.

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