Counterterrorism officials have said that ISIS is using social media to expand their reach worldwide, and the terror group is even posting the names, locations and photos of intelligence officers online.

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Fox News chief intelligence correspondent Catherine Herridge joined Martha MacCallum today on America's Newsroom and confirmed that ISIS is actively outing agents from foreign intelligence services via social media, including at least 30 in the past two months.

Herridge also pointed to photos posted to the ISIS Twitter account that were apparently taken in Chicago and at the White House as an indicator of the group's global reach. She noted the Secret Service and FBI have been made aware of the disturbing photos and are investigating.

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Herridge said that ISIS is spreading, as foreign fighters leave Iraq and Syria to start their own terror cells in other countries such as Pakistan and Kosovo.

She concluded that ISIS currently presents a credible alternative to Al Qaeda and is winning the social media war.

“ISIS is using social media to effectively sideline Al Qaeda’s old guard.”

Watch the clip above.

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