Some critics are questioning whether the violence in Ferguson, Missouri, is being fueled in some part by the nightly media coverage. Reports from the scene last night indicated that at some points - long after many peaceful protesters had gone home - media members and camera crews outnumbered protesters in some areas as police fired tear gas in an effort to disperse those lingering in the streets.

Some have fired on police, thrown Molotov cocktails and rocks at officers and looted businesses.

On Fox and Friends this morning, Laura Ingraham responded, saying "thugs" are taking advantage of the media spotlight. She noted there were only 30 arrests, compared to hundreds out on the streets.

"We know now that thugs are thugs. People who are going to take advantage of the situation are gonna do that. Especially if they know the media is all there right? Got the cameras on everyone. It's become its own reality show."

She also doesn't believe Eric Holder will quell the situation when he arrives, given his past statements about race.

"I find the situation to be despicable how it's being handled. And how the media is further sensationalizing an already very difficult situation for the good people on the ground there and also Michael Brown's family," she said.

Watch the full interview above, including Laura's response to President Obama's latest remarks on Ferguson.