Ever get that feeling like someone's watching you?

Well, if you use an Apple device or the Google Maps app, then it's possible that your every move is secretly being tracked and saved.

“Cyber Guy” Kurt Knutsson dropped by Fox and Friends today to share some valuable privacy tips on how to find and disable these hidden functions on your smartphone.

First, Knutsson explained, iPhones have a default setting to record where you’ve been that you can turn off. Navigate to: Settings – Privacy – Location Services – System Services – Frequent Locations.

The bigger issue, Knutsson said, is the Google Maps app, which stores not just your information but a map of where you've been. To access this, navigate to: Settings – Location History.

Google said it uses this information to improve service, but Knutsson and Elisabeth Hasselbeck said that this type of information gathering based on one's location and person is an invasion of privacy that could lead to even greater security concerns.

Watch the clip above and check out the Fox and Friends blog for detailed instructions from Knutsson on how to disable these functions on your device.

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