Fox and Friends showed video of the drunk driving arrest of a Texas district attorney who is at the center of a new indictment against Gov. Rick Perry (R) for abuse of power.

Perry threatened to veto funds for the public integrity unit being run by Travis County DA Rosemary Lehmberg, a Democrat who was convicted of drunk driving and yet refused to resign.

In light of her April 2013 arrest, Perry called for Lehmberg to step down, then later vetoed $7.5 million in state funding for Lehmberg's office.

On Fox News Sunday, Perry defended the veto, saying he'd do the same thing again. He also accused Democrats of using the indictment as a way to settle a political score.

In another video below, Lehmberg appears at a police station during her booking, appearing to demand special treatment from officers because of her lofty position.

Liz Cheney weighed in this morning on Fox and Friends, saying even prominent attorney Alan Dershowitz, a Democrat, has called into question the Perry indictment.

"It really is dangerous. When you've got people like Alan Dershowitz, a liberal legal scholar, who said, look he would never vote for Rick Perry, but this is not the kind of thing our court system should be doing, we've got to be concerned," said Cheney, adding that Perry was right on his policy and acted within the law with his veto.

She called out Lehmberg's behavior in the footage from her arrest, saying Perry rightly believed that someone who abuses law enforcement and demands special treatment should not run a public integrity unit.