Bill O’Reilly called into “The Factor” tonight to weigh in on the latest in Ferguson, Mo.

O’Reilly noted that there has never been a police shooting in Ferguson before the death of Michael Brown. “The Factor” host said that police shootings don’t happen often in this country. Of police-involved shootings in the U.S., he noted that 42 percent of police-involved shootings are white, 32 percent are black and 20 percent are Hispanic.

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“The Factor” host praised Rep. John Lewis, of Georgia, who he said struck the right tone yesterday on “Meet the Press.”

“He said that all Americans should be concerned when any American of any color is shot six times by a police officer and is unarmed,” O’Reilly reiterated. While the nation should be concerned, it should not be judging, O’Reilly said, since Americans do not yet know what happened.

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