Mike Huckabee last night slammed the president’s “repeated exotic vacations” while Americans are out of work and terrorists are murdering Christians.

Huckabee said he has never had a strict 9-5 job. Vacations have been rare, and he often works all night to hit a deadline. “Basically,” he said, “I’ve worked my tail off.”

“But I've been watching our federal government in Washington lately, and by gosh, I realize I'm a sucker. I'm working long hours and long days to pay for the people in Washington to take a long vacation. I've been asked if I'll make another run at the presidency, and I've concluded that it might be a nice reprise from the kind of hours I'm putting in now,” Huckabee said.

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Huckabee noted that President Barack Obama "is simmering and summering at Martha’s Vineyard" and has played more golf as commander-in-chief than most people play in their lifetime.

“I've never played golf. Didn't grow up affluent enough to do it and never thought I had the time as an adult. But if I became president and followed in the steps of our current one, I might have time to take up golf, get back into fishing more, play more music, and host lavish parties at the White House with Hollywood celebrities that last late into the night.”

But what about the job, Huckabee asked. He said hard working Americans are out of work, Christians are being slaughtered by ISIS, and Israel is under daily assault.

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“I don't begrudge a president for some time off, but to take repeated exotic vacations at taxpayer expense while millions of Americans don't have enough money for a minor league baseball ticket and a hot dog because of a lousy economy just seems unseemly. If President Obama doesn't want to do the job, why did he work so hard to get it? He got what he wanted, but he doesn't seem to want what he got. And neither did the American people. Have a nice vacation, Mr. President,” Huckabee said.

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