Rev. Jesse Jackson spoke to Andrea Tantaros on “Hannity” last night from Ferguson, Mo., where he attended a protest over the fatal shooting of Michael Brown.

Jackson said that nobody wants to see self-destructive riots, explaining that he thinks “aggressive, nonviolent demands” will be more significant. He called on people to use “voting power to elect officials to respond to their real needs.”

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He also responded to Bill O’Reilly’s remarks that Jackson and others are serving as “racial agitators” in the wake of the shooting.

“I think it’s unfortunate for him to name call and to stereotype in that way,” Jackson said.

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Jackson also called for a White House conference on policy and reconstruction for inner cities. He said young people in inner cities must get back to work and do meaningful things with their lives.

The reverend also criticized the police’s use of tanks.

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“I take the position, if a black shoots a white, it’s quick justice and jail time, if a white shoots a black, it’s rebuilding time, if it’s black on black or white on white, it’s shrug your shoulder time,” he said. “Nobody should be able to kill anybody. We must stop the killing. Stop the violence. Police should not have hard military hardware—tanks rolling down the streets – that was not necessary.”

“We need peace, presence of justice,” he said.

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