An upstate New York couple has been arrested for allegedly kidnapping two Amish sisters from their family’s roadside farm stand.

Authorities believe that 39-year-old Stephen Howells and 25-year-old Nicole Vaisley intended to harm the girls. The two sisters turned up about a day later.

Meanwhile, Howells and Vaisley are being held without bond.

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Sheriff Kevin Wells said in a statement that the older of the two girls provided "crucial information" that led to the arrests.

District Attorney Mary Rain declined to discuss a motive for the abduction or provide any other specifics about the suspects. She said information provided by the girls helped lead to Howells and Vaisey. The suspects' home is about 13 miles from where the girls live.

"The suspects agreed to go to the sheriff's office to be interviewed [...] and they were arrested after those interviews," Rain said.

More information was expected to be released at a news conference Saturday morning.