Lt. Col. Oliver North was on “America’s News Headquarters” to discuss the latest on ISIS in Iraq.

“These are not militants, this is a 10 to 15,000-man terror army,” he said, calling it the largest and bloodiest he’s seen.

North said the U.S. can’t just drop relief supplies to refugees – he said it must drop bombs on ISIS commanders.

Krauthammer: Obama's Bluff in Iraq Has Been Called

“If this president wants to stop the genocide that’s the worst we’ve seen in our lifetimes, he is going to have to get the help of others and convene some kind of a summit that unifies the West,” he said.

North noted that the only place in the Middle East where Christians are protected is in Israel. He slammed the situation in Iraq as religious persecution of the worst kind, saying ISIS terrorists “revel in this culture of death.”

“This administration has refused to acknowledge who the enemy really is. The enemy is radical Islam, and it’s not simply ISIS – it just happens to be the worst of them," he said.

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