Fox News has confirmed with U.S. defense officials that U.S. fighter jets are striking ISIS targets around a key dam in Mosul.

ISIS has been in control of the dam since Aug. 7. There have been fears that ISIS would blow up the dam and cause massive flooding.

ISIS Massacres 80 Yazidis in Northern Iraq Town

Yesterday, ISIS massacred at least 80 men and kidnapped 100 women and children from one village yesterday after they apparently refused to convert to Islam.

There are reportedly 1.5 million refugees across northern Iraq.

“It is a fight, it is a fight to the finish, and for these people, for the Iraqi people, it is a fight they must win. They must win back their country from these vicious bloodthirsty ISIS militants," Fox News' Greg Palkot said.

Krauthammer: Obama's Bluff in Iraq Has Been Called

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