The prosecution of a single mother is moving ahead after she was arrested for bringing a licensed firearm into New Jersey. Shaneen Allen has a Pennsylvania permit to carry a handgun and the permit is recognized in dozens of other states, but not in New Jersey.

When she told a police officer she was in possession of the weapon during a traffic stop, she was arrested on a felony charge. Her lawyer quickly sought pre-trial intervention given the circumstances of the case, but a judge refused to allow it.

Now some critics are calling out the fact that prosecutor Jim McClain and Superior Court Judge Michael Donio did allow NFL running back Ray Rice into the pre-trial intervention program after he was indicted on domestic abuse charges.

Rice was indicted, but not prosecuted, after video surfaced showing him dragging his unconscious fiance (now his wife) out of an elevator at an Atlantic City, N.J., casino-hotel.

"I wasn't a threat to the police. I wasn't a threat to anybody, not even myself. For me to not have a second chance and for a pro athlete to ... we're both human. Why didn't I get that option?" Allen said on The Kelly File.

Her attorney, Evan Nebbin, joked that he told the prosecutor that Allen would also accept a "two-game suspension," referring to Rice's seemingly light punishment from the NFL.

Meanwhile, his client faces up to 10 years in jail if convicted.

"I'm looking forward to going to trial. Because I'm confident that 12 ordinary people will do what the system so far has failed Shaneen in doing. It's outrageous," said Nebbin.

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