Hillary Clinton has tried to ease the tension following her comments that were critical of President Obama’s foreign policy, even offering to “hug it out” with the president.

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Ed Klein, author of "Blood Feud: The Clintons vs. the Obamas," joined Brian Kilmeade on Fox and Friends this morning and said there was no "hugging it out" or amends made between the two before they sat next to each other at long-time Clinton supporter Vernon Jordan’s wife’s birthday party in Martha's Vineyard.

Klein said Clinton never had any intention of retracting her criticism of Obama's "don't do stupid stuff" foreign policy, including her argument that stronger action should have been taken in Syria.

Klein said his sources told him the party was quite awkward.

"Instead of it being a 'hug-a-thon' it was a freeze-a-thon," he said.

Klein explained the Clintons essentially ignored the Obamas, who then got up from the table and spent most of the evening dancing to avoid interacting with the Clintons.

Klein stated this furthers the "blood feud" between the two powerful political families.

He added that it was Bill Clinton's idea in the first place to draw distinctions between Hillary's and Obama's positions and to knock Obama's "Don't Do Stupid Stuff" policy, which he saw as a weakness.

Klein said Hillary is walking a fine line. She was Secretary of State for four years, deeply involved in the administration, and now she's trying to separate herself from the president without losing the pro-Obama base.

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