On "The Five" today, Greg Gutfeld talked about police in the U.S. becoming more militarized and the outrage that has sparked among some citizens.

Looking at the police response to protests in Ferguson, Missouri, Gutfeld said, yes, sniper riles and camouflage gear seem over-the-top, but where there are riots, riot gear will be needed.

"You can't stop anarchy with a stern look," he stated.

He likened police forces using body armor to Israel's "Iron Dome" rocket defense, both necessary to maintain safety in dangerous situations.

"No police officer wants to beat someone, tussle over a gun or resort to deadly force, so maybe it's better to look scary than to be scary," he said.

He added people don't need sniper rifles or riot gear to maim or kill and share disturbing footage of several brutal attacks from "the knockout game."

"Of course, a militarized police looks odd. But that looks worse for all of us."

Above, watch Gutfeld's monologue and hear the hosts of “The Five” react.

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