New information just came out from the Ferguson police chief, who said that the officer who fatally shot Michael Brown did not know about a robbery allegedly committed by the unarmed black teenager. Earlier today, police chief Thomas Jackson said that Brown is suspected of robbing cigars from a convenience store.

Police released images and video of Brown allegedly committing the robbery.

Jackson now says the robbery had "nothing to do with" the confrontation between officer Darren Wilson and Brown.

Jackson said that Wilson stopped the men because they were walking in the middle of the street, blocking traffic.

He also said that the man who was with Brown, Dorian Johnson, will not be charged with a crime.

Much more on today's developments, including the video, here.

Police Say Michael Brown Was Robbery Suspect, ID Police Officer

On Shepard Smith Reporting today, Harris Faulkner discussed this new information with former federal prosecutor Annemarie McAvoy.

McAvoy said a problem in this case is that the investigation is ongoing while the public is outraged and thirsty for answers.

She said investigators are not at a point where they should be making statements and information available to the public.

She also noted that police chief Jackson is not involved in the investigation, yet he is the one answering publicly questions, which only added to the miscommunication.

McAvoy said if it is in fact Brown in the convenience store video, and he did commit the robbery, he could certainly have become belligerent or non-cooperative when approached by an officer, as alleged by police.

She said proof of a prior robbery may help explain why Wilson and Brown began fighting in the first place, a major question in this case.

Watch the clip from Shepard Smith Reporting below.