America used to be a place where you knew everyone on your block. Now? Not so much.

A new survey revealed that more than half of Americans do not even know their neighbors' names.

Greg Gutfeld dared any of his fellow "Five" panelists to go to a neighbor to borrow a cup of sugar like the old days, guaranteeing that would result in a face full of mace.

Dana Perino may not regularly borrow sugar from her neighbors but said she has a friendly relationship with her current neighbors, in addition to previous ones.

A native of Allentown, Andrea Tantaros thinks that her suburban upbringing played a role in her knowing everyone on the street.

"In New York City, I do not know my neighbors, because no one talks to their neighbors," she said, adding that she does, however, know the names of all the dogs in her building.

Bob Beckel said he doesn't know his neighbors, and when Eric Bolling quizzed him on who his neighbor was at his Fox News office, he didn't even know it was Tantaros!

Watch the clip above.

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