Shepard Smith sounded off this afternoon after last night's arrests of two reporters amid violent protests in Ferguson, Mo. Earlier today, President Obama criticized the arrests, saying journalists should not be bullied or arrested for doing their jobs.

Police on Wednesday arrested two reporters, one from The Washington Post and the other from The Huffington Post, who were apparently working inside a McDonald’s restaurant. The reporters said they were handcuffed and put into a police van.

The Post reported that its reporter was slammed against a soda machine and plastic cuffs were put on his wrists.

"Compared to some others who have come into contact with the police department, they came out relatively unscathed, but that in no way excuses the false arrest or militant aggression toward these journalists," The Huffington Post said in a statement Thursday.

Video taken by the Post reporter aired on Shepard Smith Reporting this afternoon, and afterwards, Shep expressed amazement at what had occurred.

"This is in an open McDonalds restaurant, out in the open where you could drive through and get a Number 3.  ... Who arrested him? The officer wouldn't give his name. What was he under arrest for? Well, that's a good question," said Smith, adding that a local politician was also arrested during the night of unrest.

He then highlighted the picture below, calling out cops for aiming weapons at peaceful protesters.

The tense situation comes after last weekend's fatal shooting of an unarmed black teen by a police officer.

Watch his fiery comments above.