Laura Ingraham kicked off tonight's O’Reilly Factor” with a Talking Points Memo on President Barack Obama's penchant for punditry.

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The president interrupted his vacation today to give an update on Iraq, and he also chimed in on the racial unrest in Ferguson, Missouri, in the wake of an unarmed black teenager being shot by a police officer.

"The leader of the free world, with sagging approval numbers, jumping into another local criminal justice situation," Ingraham pointed out. "And once again he does this before all the facts have been gathered, before authorities on the ground have completed their own investigation."

Ingraham said this is similar to past comments Obama has made in similar situation, whether on Trayvon Martin, Henry Louis Gates or his infamous beer summit, not to mention his administration's habit of implying any critics are racist.

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This stokes racial discord in America and sows more distrust between minorities and some local law enforcement, according to Ingraham, who said the president committed irresponsible and dangerous speculation on a situation no one has the full facts on yet.

"We need to build trust between minorities and the police, not breed more suspicion," she said, adding that politics is likely the true impetus driving the president's comments. 

Obama's numbers are down across the board and Democrats are looking vulnerable for midterm elections, so Obama focuses on racial injustice, as opposed to his policy failures, Ingraham asserted.

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"This is textbook Obama. The country is facing serious national issues every day - a demoralized middle class, mass illegal immigration, major foreign policy quandaries - all that deserves serious attention," she said. "He should stop micro-managing local police and stop playing the politics of division."

"There is supposed to be a difference between being the President of the United States and a liberal commentator on 

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