Lt. Colonel Oliver North (Ret.) was on “The Kelly File” tonight to discuss the growing crisis in Iraq, as the terror group ISIS continues to make gains and the U.S. wavers on its involvement in the conflict.

North said that in comments President Obama made earlier today, he did not make any promises other than to work with our allies to provide humanitarian assistance to Iraqis displaced by ISIS.

"If we're going to do nothing but parachute food and water to refugees who have lost everything as they flee for their lives, it makes no sense," North said, adding that ISIS is not composed of militants, rebels or extremists.

"They are a 10-15,000 strong terrorist army," he said. "The largest, best equipped, wealthiest and most sanguinary terror force on the planet. And it's growing."

Their unbridled religious and ethnic cleansing poses an immediate threat to the new government in Iraq, nearby Jordan and any religious minority in the Middle East, according to North.

He noted the pope came out more strongly against ISIS than Obama and asserted that, "Maybe the pope has a better intelligence service than we do. Or, maybe he cares more about human beings."

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