The unrest continued for a fifth straight night Wednesday in Ferguson, Missouri, following the fatal shooting of an unarmed black teenager by a police officer.

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Mike Tobin reported this morning that Wednesday night's clashes were even bigger than prior nights. Ground zero for the protests is a burned-out convenience store that was torched a few nights ago.

At least 10 people were arrested. Some protesters threw makeshift Molotov cocktails at riot police, who fired tear gas.

Watch some footage of the protests above, and check out some pictures below:

Riot police on the streets of Ferguson.
A protester kicks a smoke grenade that had been deployed by police back in the direction of police.
A man picks up a flaming bottle and prepares to throw it as a line of police advance in the distance.
A community activist tries to persuade a group of protesters to move back as police in riot gear watch protesters.