Things may have been a little awkward in Martha's Vineyard after Hillary Clinton lobbed some criticism at President Obama over his foreign policy decisions.

Clinton Criticizes Obama's 'Don't Do Stupid Stuff' Foreign Policy

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Clinton was asked at a book signing yesterday whether she planned to "hug it out" with the president at a party later on Wednesday evening.

"Absolutely, we're looking forward to it!" she said, adding "partners and friends" have disagreements sometimes and she was "looking forward" to seeing the president.

The former secretary of state said over the weekend, “Great nations need organizing principles, and ‘Don’t do stupid stuff’ is not an organizing principle,” referring to the president's reported comment that the U.S. should avoid "stupid" moves overseas.

She said Obama's failure to act on the side of rebels in the Syrian civil war created a power vacuum now being filled by jihadists, like ISIS.

Charles Krauthammer slammed Clinton on Special Report, calling it "such a blatant display of inauthenticity, it's breathtaking." He wondered whether anything the Clintons say is actually "sincere," then pointed back to then-Senator Clinton's opposition to the Iraq troop surge while she ran against Obama for the Democratic nomination.

He noted that former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates was "shocked" to hear that Clinton had been against the ultimately-successful military strategy for political reasons.

"She was up against Obama, the antiwar senator in the Iowa primary so she moved left the last time around. And now, cause she's not going to face a serious challenge on her left, she's now maneuvering to the center for her current run and expressing more hawkish opinions than the Obama administration," Krauthammer explained.

Watch the full discussion among Krauthammer, Ron Fournier and Steve Hayes above, along with Hillary's "hug it out" answer.

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