On "The Five" today, Greg Gutfeld reacted to disturbing reports that British police are investigating pro-ISIS leaflets found in London that ask Muslims to join in the jihad in the Middle East.

Gutfeld said this makes him “miss the good old days when it was Hare Krishnas handing out the leaflets. The worst thing they did was chant. There was never a beheading.”

These flyers aren’t about finding peace, he said, but instead offer a way out for bitter, angry, evil people.

“If you want to join a death cult, go ahead,” he said.

Gutfeld surprisingly stated these leaflets should never be stopped, as radical Islamists being recruited to go to Iraq or Syria to fight is much better than the reverse.

If they gather in the Middle East, Gutfeld argued, it will be easier and safer to obliterate them.

“ISIS could be their magnet, a glorious roach motel that attracts the very worst of this planet where they die in large groups.”

That will only work, Gutfeld said, if the U.S. and our allies are willing to do the dirty work to defeat ISIS and other radical Islamists.

“Every time we say ‘no boots on the ground,’ you can hear their boots right behind us.”

Above, watch Gutfeld's monologue and hear the hosts of “The Five” react.

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