Today "The Five" panel discussed why President Obama is interrupting his two-week vacation on Sunday and returning to Washington for one specific, mysterious meeting.

The White House has kept a tight lid on the topic of the meeting, and Dana Perino speculated that could be because it was something he could not do remotely from Martha's Vineyard: a personnel announcement, possibly involving the Supreme Court.

If that is true, a possible candidate to step down is Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, but she recently made comments that she wants to serve as long as she can do it "full steam."

Bob Beckel and Andrea Tantaros agreed that a Supreme Court announcement was very possible.

Tantaros said this is a calculated move that will energize the Democratic base ahead of the midterm elections, in addition to changing what news the media is reporting.

"(Obama) does everything from foreign policy to domestic policy with a news cycle in mind," she asserted, adding that the president working on a Sunday isn't worthy of celebration.

Eric Bolling said he hopes the meeting has to do with the border crisis or the growing ISIS threat in Iraq, but doesn't think that's likely since Obama is only going back to Washington for one day.

Beckel said a possible Supreme Court nominee is John Kerry, and Perino suggested it could be Attorney General Eric Holder, who recently said he may not stay for the length of his term.

Watch the clip above.