As critics call out the Obama administration for a slow, insufficient response to the the growing threats posed by ISIS, the "Outnumbered" panel took aim  at President Obama's foreign policy.

Andrea Tantaros said this is a two-pronged issue in Iraq, part delivering humanitarian aid to displaced Christian minorities and part eradicating ISIS, and she thinks the administration is doing a poor job at both.

Sandra Smith pointed to comments made by current CIA chief John Brennan in 2011, calling the establishment of a Muslim caliphate “absurd” and a "feckless delusion" and asked if by sending 130 advisors to Iraq, the president is admitting he made a mistake and is reacting too late to the very real ISIS threat.

Jesse Watters said Obama won't admit his mistakes or failed policies because he's narcissistic.

“This strategy of the Obama foreign policy doctrine is ‘Don’t Do Anything Stupid’ [or] ‘Don’t Do Stupid Things,’ right? I think it’s stupid to let terrorists take over Iraq!”

He noted that things are so bad in Iraq that refugees are going to Syria, which is itself embroiled in a massive civil war.

Watters said Obama has squandered the gains made in the troop surge and boxed himself in politically, since he can't commit to a war in Iraq that is supposedly over.

“The truth is: it’s a mess and he doesn’t know what he’s doing. And I think that’s a real tragedy."

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