Texas Gov. Rick Perry ripped the federal government for taking a five-week vacation amid an immigration crisis while speaking at a National Guard border training session.

Perry was on “Your World” today to discuss his deployment of 1,000 additional National Guard troops to the Texas-Mexico border, in addition to the support he sent down there five weeks ago.

Neil Cavuto asked Perry what he would say to Sen. Harry Reid, who called it a political stunt.

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“I say the same thing to him that I say to President Obama. Why don’t you come down there and take a look at what’s going on. Talk to the mother and the father and the family of the Border Patrol agent who was killed by an individual who’s been deported multiple times. Look them in the eye, Harry Reid, and tell them it’s a political stunt. I will tell you we’re gonna do what we have to do in the state of Texas to protect our citizens. Harry Reid needs to try that on,” Perry said.

The Texas governor also said politicians are wasting their time with an immigration reform bill until the border is secured.

Watch his interview above.

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