On Happening Now yesterday, Jenna Lee wondered whether she's having a boy or a girl, and we heard the predictions from the Fox family. But once she knows that answer, then what?

Jenna Lee Asks Around Fox News: Boy or Girl? (Definitely a Boy)

So she asked some of the other parents of Fox News and Fox Business Network for their advice on babies and parenting.

Let's recap for you...

"You're pregnant?!"

Take a break once in a while. Let the husband help so you can go for a walk or get a manicure.

When the baby sleeps, you better sleep too. And the baby monitor? Turn it off. Our parents never had them, after all.

(Melissa would like everyone to know that her kids turned out just fine.)

As if Jenna won't have enough to do, Eric says go get a puppy too, then they can grow up together.

"When you look at that baby for the first time, your life changes. It's the most magical moment. And from that moment on, you're someone's mother."

It's all very overwhelming...

Don't work too hard when they're young because, before you know it, they'll be all grown up.

"Just remember: part of the joy of having kids is you gain a tax dependent. One more deduction." - Cavuto.

Neil did also have some serious words of wisdom, and Ed Henry shared his own experiences as a father of two. Watch the full segment above.

And Jenna wants to hear your advice, so share it with her below or on Twitter or on Happening Now's America's Asking live chat.