The state of Arizona is investigating Planned Parenthood for failing to report a possible rape of an underage girl.

A pretrial hearing was held today for 18-year-old Tyler Kost, who has been indicted on 30 counts of sex assault with 13 different victims. One young woman, age 14, is among the alleged victims. She and her mother allegedly went to Planned Parenthood and reported the rape, but were told that it wasn’t "worth the hassle" to report it to police. They did, however, provide abortion services.

Kristen Waggoner, of Alliance Defending Freedom, said the group has now filed a formal complaint with Arizona to investigate this immediately.

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Waggoner told Bill O’Reilly that Kost allegedly went out and victimized several other young girls after this alleged rape was reported to Planned Parenthood. She said ADF wants Planned Parenthood held accountable and wants the clinics that violated the law to be shut down.

“It shouldn’t be about putting a buck ahead of a young girl’s health and safety,” she said.

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