Elisabeth Hasselbeck took the the Ice Bucket Challenge over the weekend and now this morning, it was Fox News meteorologist Maria Molina's turn.

The challenge is to dump a bucket of ice cold water on your head in the name of ALS awareness, then post the video on social media and nominate friends to do the same.

Those who refuse the challenge are asked to make a donation to an ALS charity. Skeptics, however, have questioned whether it's really helping in the fight against the deadly disease.

The hosts were joined outside the studio by Robert Tuchman, board member of the ALS Association in New York, who explained that the social media phenomenon has been "incredible" for awareness and fundraising.

In the past few weeks, $2.3 million in donations have come in, compared to $25,000 in the same time frame last year, he said.

"ALS affects a small amount of people, but it's such a devastating disease. That we've been able to have this blessing has been incredible," said Tuchman.

Celebrities, politicians and so many around the country are joining in. The latest to make headlines? Gov. Chris Christie, who then nominated Jimmy Fallon, Sen. Cory Booker and Mark Zuckerberg.


Watch Maria's ice bath above, and check out some pics:

Maria came prepared with a shower cap, since she still had more weather reports to do.

The moment of impact...

Brian is right there for the postgame recap.

Finally, Maria nominated fellow Fox News meteorologist Rick Reichmuth to take the challenge.