Radio host Mark Levin was on “Hannity" to sound off on the crisis in Iraq, where ISIS has offered to Christians the ultimatum of “convert or die.”

“Our enemies, the terrorists, have never had it so good under this truly pathetic commander-in-chief who should be in Washington, D.C., right now calling Congress into session, getting authorization to use deadly military power against these cockroaches,” Levin said, adding that Obama should be announcing what the administration is going to do instead of repeatedly announcing what it’s not going to do.

Levin called the situation in Iraq “a direct threat to the United States” and “a direct threat to humanity.”

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“This is genocide, pure and simple,” he said.

So, what would Levin do?

“Rather than send 129 advisors, I’d send 129 bombers and fighters and put these cockroaches where they want to be. They want to be in the Stone Age, then we should accommodate them.”

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Levin blamed Obama for the nation’s enemies being on the move.

“He’s playing golf, he’s on Martha’s Vineyard, he’s busy attacking Republicans,” Levin said, blasting him as being disconnected from reality.

Levin said that if people are looking to the United States for help, they’ll have to look to Martha’s Vineyard, where they can find Obama on the ninth hole.

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