Discovery Channel’s Shark Week is here, and "The Five's" Greg Gutfeld thinks humans are fearful of the ocean-dwelling beasts despite the relatively small threat they pose because we prefer our fears to be tangible.

Since we're more apt to ignore large, pressing threats, Gutfeld suggested a replacement for Shark Week: "Terror Week."

“Sharks may be scary, but they won’t end civilization," he said. "Sharks might want your foot. Radical Islam wants your head ... on a stick."

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Gutfeld shared his planned programming schedule for "Terror Week," consisting of a night each for various Islamic terror groups: Al Shabaab from Kenya, Jemaah Islamiyah from Indonesia, Boko Haram from Nigeria, Lashkar-E-Taiba in India and "the godfathers of gore," Al Qaeda, all leading up to the current "Great White Shark" of terrorism, ISIS.

Gutfeld said, unfortunately, a hypothetical "Terror Week" wouldn't leave time to cover many other militant Islamic groups such as Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood or Hezbollah.

He concluded that, “Oddly, there seems to be a really persistent thread that runs through all these terrors. Maybe they saw 'Jaws'? Say anything otherwise and that would simply be 'Islamophobic.'"

Above, watch Gutfeld's monologue and hear the hosts of “The Five” react.

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