Dramatic dash cam video shows a heroic Michigan police officer as he saves a woman who started choking while driving. Kalamazoo Public Safety Officer Jason Gates initiated a traffic stop last weekend when he saw the vehicle run a red light.

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When he walked up to the car, he saw that the woman was choking. At first, he thought she might be trying to get out of a ticket, but quickly realized that she was in serious trouble.

"People do a lot of funny thing to get out of tickets," he said this morning on America's Newsroom.

After trying unsuccessfully to dislodge the food by hitting the woman in the back, Gates realized he'd have to get her out of the car and perform the Heimlich maneuver. Gates said he had never done the Heimlich for real, but had EMS training that came in handy.

The woman gave Gates a big hug after being saved, and Gates said he probably wasn't going to give her a ticket either way.

Watch the dramatic scene above.

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