Authorities say that a Florida college student murdered his roommate and used his iPhone’s Siri application to ask where he should hide the body.

Pedro Bravo is accused of killing Christian Aguilar in 2012 over a love triangle situation.

Authorities allege Bravo told the Siri application, “I need to hide my roommate," at about the same time Aguilar disappeared. His phone gave answers back that stated, "What kind of place are you looking for? Swamps. Reservoirs. Metal foundries. Dumps."

Aguilar's body was found three weeks later in a nearby forest. Bravo's trial is expected to conclude later this week.

Anahita Sedaghatfar and Brian Silber joined Ed Henry on Happening Now today to discuss this incredible new evidence and what it means in the murder trial.

Silber, a former prosecutor, said this is a case where a conviction is all but assured.

Sedaghatfar, a defense attorney, agreed the evidence is insurmountable and overwhelming. She said the defense team knows it's not going to get a full acquittal and should have tried to go for a lesser charge, perhaps mentioning the suspect's fragile state of mind.

Silber stated that the electronic footprint left by Bravo is even better than a physical footprint.

He added our government uses this type of information against foreign and domestic threats, and, in a murder trial such as this, it all but guarantees a conviction.

Watch the clip above.

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