A Michigan teen could face felony charges for filing a false report after she faked her own kidnapping, prompting a massive 16-hour search that involved local, state and federal agencies.

Dan Schorr, a former prosecutor, pointed out that even more importantly than the waste of taxpayer dollars, the unnecessary search for 18-year-old Hayley Turner was criminal because it involved officers risking their lives - including a helicopter crew - in addition to the terrible possibility of an innocent person being accused.

Doug Burns, a defense attorney, said a felony charge is too extreme, but a misdemeanor, probation and fines should be sufficient restitution.

Schorr agreed they don’t have to "throw the book" at Turner, but they need to prosecute her, convict her and send a message to the community that filing false reports is dangerous and illegal.

Both Burns and Schorr said there needs to be an element of deterrence, not just to stop repeat offenders, but, even more importantly, to deter those watching when a case such as this gets extensive media coverage.

Watch the clip from Happening Now above.

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