Jenna Lee has heard all the old wives' tales and so-called rules of thumb, but she's still wondering: will she be having a boy or a girl? The Happening Now host and husband Leif Babin are expecting their first child in early fall.

Jenna Lee Announces She's Pregnant

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She asked around Fox News for predictions, and then grilled Dr. Manny Alvarez on all of the alleged "ways to tell."

He said one "common myth" is that women can tell based on whether they're carrying higher or lower.

Alvarez noted that skin issues can sometimes result from carrying a girl because of the added estrogen produced by the fetus.

More nausea or morning sickness is a result of added hormones, which can often mean it's a girl, he explained.

Dr. Manny said many times he's been able to accurately predict a boy because of an increased heart rate in the first 10 weeks. But after the first trimester, all bets are off.

He also shot down any link between the gender of the baby and specific food cravings or so-called "pregnancy brain."

As for us, we'll stick with Janice Dean (good at predictions), Dr. Manny and the consensus: a boy is on the way.

Watch the fun segment above and we'll let ya know when we know the answer.

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