Tonight's Talking Points Memo focused on the shocking death of Robin Williams and the real story that is emerging from this tragedy: depression.

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O'Reilly said it was likely depression that led to Williams ending his own life, and 16 million Americans also suffer from the deadly affliction.

"The Factor" host echoed what Dr. Keith Ablow said on Fox and Friends earlier today to anyone who is suffering with the disease or knows someone who is: get help, things get better, depression can be defeated.

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O'Reilly noted that Williams was "one of the last entertainment icons, meaning that the entire country knew him and his vast talent."

In our fractured, social media-obsessed society, entertainers like Williams will never be so prominent in the nation's mind, according to O'Reilly, who added that Williams was a funny, courteous, good man when he met him at a Yankees game.

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“It is a sad fact of life that many creative artists are tortured souls," O'Reilly said. "Ernest Hemingway committed suicide, as did Kurt Cobain. And hundreds of other artists destroyed themselves with drugs and/or alcohol."

"There is a unique pressure on famous people," he explained. "Everyone has high expectations of them and it is very difficult to live up to those expectations and still live as a normal human being."

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O'Reilly concluded that as the nation mourns the death of Robin Williams, hopefully all of us will become aware of the massive problem presented by depression.

"It is a terrible disease, but one that can be overcome."

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