Heart-stopping video from the London underground transit system shows the harrowing moment a child in a stroller rolled onto busy train tracks.

Police say a father turned his back for a moment and didn’t notice as a gust of wind pushed his child's stroller onto the platform and down onto the tracks.

A woman leapt onto the tracks to rescue the baby. Another man helped her pull the stroller back on the platform moments before another train arrived.

Watch the incredible video from America's Newsroom above and read more from AP:

LONDON – British Transport Police have released harrowing images of a child in a stroller being blown by tunnel wind onto London subway tracks and a woman leaping to the rescue moments before a train arrived.

Authorities say the July 23 incident occurred when a man placed the pushchair at the base of a Goodge Street station staircase before going to help others with luggage. The images show the pushchair rolling to the tracks and the woman jumping to the tracks in terror to grab the baby. Police are seeking to identify the couple.

The CCTV images were released Monday. BTP chief inspector Mark Lawrie says police want to "ensure the child wasn't injured."

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