Robin Williams died of asphyxia due to hanging, according to Marin County Sheriff’s Lt. Keith Boyd, although the full report will not be available for several weeks.

Boyd, who also serves as the county’s assistant chief deputy coroner, said Williams’ body was found in his bedroom slightly suspended in a seated position with a belt around his neck.

The other end of the belt was wedged between a closed door and the door frame. Both rigor mortis and livor mortis were present in Williams' body. 

Williams’ left wrist had cuts, and a pocket knife with what appeared to be dried blood on the blade was found near his body. Tests will be conducted on the substance.

Williams was last seen alive by his wife at approximately 10:30 pm the prior night. She left the home 12 hours later, assuming he was still asleep.

Williams' personal assistant became worried at around 11:40 am, discovered Williams' body in his bedroom and made a distraught 911 call. Authorities and emergency personnel arrived minutes later, and Williams was pronounced dead on the scene.

Toxicology tests will be conducted and are expected to be finished in 2-6 weeks, Boyd said.

Watch the press conference above.

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