Amid growing calls from the U.S. State Department for Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Al-Maliki to step down, Amb. Paul Bremer joined Happening Now today to discuss the many issues the U.S. faces in Iraq.

Bremer, former presidential envoy to Iraq under President George W. Bush, said he is encouraged by President Obama's use of limited airstrikes but argued the U.S. must go further to break the momentum of ISIS and prevent them from gaining control of Iraq.

"If it's in America's interest, as the president said, to prevent the creation of a terrorist caliphate, then America has to do something about it," he said, adding that many more steps need to be taken.

Those steps, according to Bremer, are: step up our support of Kurdish forces, re-establish the officer corps in the Iraqi army that Al-Malki purged and wage a broader campaign against Islamic terrorists that could potentially involve ground forces.

As for the political issues facing Iraq, Bremer suggested if the U.S. can provide safety, it will help encourage peaceful political development.

"If we can provide security for the Iraqis, it's more likely we'll have a broad, unified, democratic Iraq."

Watch the clip above.

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