Philadelphia police have arrested the husband of a woman found dead in a park last week after he reportedly confessed to the crime.

Police say that 48-year-old Christopher Murray strangled 46-year-old Connie Murray to death Monday night and that he broke down and admitted everything after he failed a lie detector test.

MyFoxPhilly reported:

Investigators said surveillance video showed a brief conversation at Christopher's silver Taurus as Connie went for a walk near Pennypack Park around nine Monday night..

They said an argument paired with ongoing relationship problems set Christopher off later that night, leading him to strangle her.

Early the next morning a passerby walking his dog discovered the 46-year-old mother of two's lifeless body on the edge of the park, near the Crispin Garden's Rec Center.

Police told us earlier this week Christopher filed a missing persons report and went looking for his wife with one of his daughters.

“There were certain parts of his story that just didn't add up. Didn't seem, his story about his wife was missing but contacted nobody, no friends, no family to find out if she was with them. Instead immediately went to hospitals and went to the police station seemed almost a show," Lt. Philip Riehl said.

The couple has two girls, ages 15 and 12.


Neighbors believe the daughters have family in the area, but aren't sure where they will live.

Murray has already been arraigned and is being held without bail Sunday evening.

Patti Ann Browne reported on Happening Now today on the tragic incident, saying police believe it was a "rage incident" that arose following ongoing marital discord.

She noted that in an interview before he was charged with murder, Murray described his wife as a "beautiful woman, a loving, caring mother, a fabulous friend."

Watch the clip from Happening Now above.

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