In addition to President Obama's vow of "long-term" airstrikes against ISIS, the U.S. is sending weapons and equipment to Kurdish forces in Iraq who have begun to roll back gains made by Sunni militants.

Jennifer Griffin joined the “Outnumbered” panel to discuss the most recent developments in Iraq, which included the U.S. helping transport Iraqi equipment from Baghdad to Kurds in Irbil.

Griffin noted that the Iraqi Shiite politicians' recent decision to drop Prime Minister Nouri Al-Maliki and move to choose a new prime minister poses a major diplomatic challenge for the U.S.

With the potential political gridlock this will cause - as Al-Maliki has refused to step down - it may be easier for the U.S. to bypass the politics of Baghdad.

Eric Bolling ​noted that Iraq is a disaster right now and Al-Maliki’s refusal to step down causes even more issues. He looked at all the problems in the country now and declared, “I think Iraq is finished as a sovereign state.”

Katie Pavlich pointed out that, “Despite all the chaos in Iraq, we do have to look at what we’re doing to protect the Americans people against an attack.” She added the Obama administration has not done well on that front.

Jedediah Bila said that if the U.S. gets involved, we should have a long-term, comprehensive strategy and goal. She noted that much of Obama's foreign policy lacks an end-game.

Watch the discussion above.

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