Bill O’Reilly tonight said it is “almost beyond belief” that the U.S. and our western allies have allowed ISIS to gain so much power.

“The Factor” host charged President Barack Obama with underestimating the threat posed by the terror group, saying that for one solid year, he did nothing to contain ISIS.

“They are not subtle, they are killers. They murder women and children. They rape. They target Christians, Jews and other non-Muslim religions. They are the absolute worst of humanity,” O’Reilly said, adding that “there is no difference in the mentality of the Nazis and ISIS.”

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O’Reilly said the media is replacing the word “terrorists” with “militants” and “rebels” because many on the left want to diminish the threat of ISIS.

“Even more frightening is the most powerful man in the world, Barack Obama, does not want to confront evil,” he said. “He simply wants to remain detached, hoping for some kind of mythical coalition to deal with deadly threats.”

“The Factor” host said that you know things are out of control when even Hillary Clinton and other stalwart Democrats are criticizing Obama’s foreign policy.

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