Larry King joined Shepard Smith by phone tonight to reflect on Robin Williams.

King said he adored the 63-year-old actor. “Anybody who knew him would have adored him,” he said, describing him as a sweet, gentle and kind man.

Smith and King discussed Williams’ history of depression. King described the apparent suicide as “incomprehensible.”

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“I wonder if we shouldn’t all look around in our lives tonight and say, ‘Who needs me? Who needs a phone call? Who needs a little bit of a pep talk? Who needs a knock on the door tomorrow morning?’ We probably all know somebody,” Smith said.

“Yeah, who needs a simple ‘I love you?’ Who needs a simple ‘I’m thinking about you?’ Why not call a friend? We don’t know what’s going on in someone’s mind at any time. That’s a very nice thought, Shepard,” King responded.

“He gave us the gift of laughter and that’s a gift we can never repay,” King said. “We will not see his likes again.”

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