Below is Judge Jeanine Pirro's opening commentary on Sunday night's Justice With Judge Jeanine.

You can watch the segment above, as Judge Pirro calls on President Obama to be more engaged and show leadership against ISIS in Iraq.

Whether it be fourteen centuries of Sunni-Shia conflict. A thousand years of Christian-Muslim conflict.

Religious wars underlie the unending strife in the Middle East and continue as a theme in modern politics.

Evidence - four U.S. presidents have bombed Iraq. Hundreds of thousands of bombs.

Over the past few days - a few more...

Will it ever end?

What do we do now?

We can take the position it's none of our business. It's their problem - not ours. Innocents need to be protected. Nation boundaries need to be maintained Antiquities need to be preserved...

Or might it all about be oil?

4,300 American loved ones died in the latest conflict in Iraq. Thousands returning home with fewer limbs.

So do we reengage?

If yes - why do we wait until things are so bad? Then get involved in a very limited way - to only get drawn in completely - and then get out too soon!

Yesterday as President Obama discussed the most recent limited airstrikes in Iraq, the backdrop was his helicopter, on which his bags were packed for yet another vacation in Martha's Vineyard.  

And as though we shouldn't be concerned - he said this: "My team has been vigilant even before ISIL went into Mosul about foreign fighters and jihadists gathering in Syria and now in Iraq who might potentially launch outside the region against western and U.S. targets."

With all due respect, Mr. President - if your team had been vigilant - why wait so long? Why the selective outrage and why now?  170 thousand murdered in Syria.

Your red lines violated repeatedly. Our sworn enemies now proficient in the art of war.

If you've been vigilant - why is it that you turned a blind eye to the Syrian civil war next door now spilling into Iraq and Lebanon.

Your feckless foreign policy at work yet again.

OK, so you killed Usama bin Laden - thank you! But it was under your watch the the world's largest deadliest, most well funded terrorist organization has grown from 800 to ten thousand.

And you, the vice president, secretary of state, and secretary of defense are all out of town on vacation or a business trip.

Talk about disengagement!

And we should be comfortable that your team has been vigilant?

Your team is the one that said this:

Joe Biden: "I'm very optimistic about Iraq. I think it's going to be one of the great achievements of this administration."

I guess not...

You think ISIS head Abu Baghdadi - released from Camp Bucca in Iraq while you were president - doesn't see you're not engaged? Doesn't know you don't even send reInforcements for an ambassador in trouble?

ISIS is evil. They behead children and put their heads on sticks.

Maybe this will re engage you...

(ISIS video threatening to raise the flag of Allah over the White House.)

It's not thousands of miles away - it's coming to our doorstep!

Prove to us and the world that you are prepared. Stop making political decisions and start making military ones.

You fail to learn from the past. You fail to assess future danger. You're reactive - and even then you're not effective.

Mr. President - start doing what we pay you to do - be a leader.

Get back on that helicopter. Roll up your sleeves and get back to work. The safety and security of the United States of America depends on it.